Large California Red Abalone Shell - Grade A

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  • Red Abalone A Grade
  • Red Abalone A Grade
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California Red Abalone Seashell - La Jolla Red Helmet - A Grade

Shells range in size - approximately 7.5"-9.5" h x 6"-7.5" w.

The pictures show a range of the colors on both the inside and outside of the shell. As these are from nature, the shape, size and colors WILL vary. However, we will do our best to hand-select each abalone for our customers.  

GRADE: This particular collection of Red Abalone have been graded from A+ to B based on color, integrity, blemishes, holes, etc... Although, we feel very fortunate get ahold of this large collection and believe every shell is absolutely gorgeous. California abalone shells this size are hard to find and worth adding to your collection!

The History of the La Jolla "Red Helmet" Abalone Shell 

The La Jolla Red Helmet Abalone Shell was ordered off the reef by Mrs. Ellen B. Scripps in the 1880s for the purpose of chopping the meat to be used for fertilizing the cornfields at La Jolla Shores. These cornfields were used to help sustain the cattle farmed locally in the Shores. the shell's lifespan was well over 100 years and their growth began in the 1700s. The reason they are called "helmet shells" is because of their resemblance to a soldier's war helmet. The La Jolla Abalone (helmet shell) has one-half inch crustacean in the native, rough state. Two layers must be removed to get to the true color of the shell. The predominately red color of the shell is a result of the organism eating red algae. Any other color revealed in the shell is a result of the abalone's consumption of the corresponding color of algae.

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