White Frog Shells - 1 Pound

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  • White Frog Shells - 1 Pound
  • White Frog Shells - 1 Pound

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White Frog Shells - Craft Seashells - Beach Wedding Decor

Small White Frog Shells are a small white version of the common Frog Shell, or Bursidae, and come in a 1 pound bag perfect for crafts, weddings or home decor.

Most species in this family occur on rocks or coral reefs in shallow waters of tropical oceans, including the Indo-Pacific, the Caribbean Sea and other marginal warm seas. But they are also found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea Only a few are found on sandy bottoms of deeper waters of the continental shelf.

The thick, ovate to slightly elongate shells are coarsely sculptured, resembling the triton shells. The intersection of the spiral ribs and the axial sculpture results in a strong nodulose pattern of more or less round knobs. This warty surface gave them their common name - frog shells. The outer varicose lip is dilated and shows a number of labial plicae, resulting in a toothed lip on the inside. The inner lip is calloused, showing transverse plicae

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