White Bubble Seashells - 1 Pound

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  • White Bubble Seashells - 1 Pound
  • White Bubble Seashells - 1 Pound
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White Bubble Seashells - Beach Wedding Decor - Craft Shells

White bubble seashells (sometimes called Bullet Shells) are a very white shell varying in thickness and are often used in beach wedding decor. They measures approx. 3/4" to 1" and come packaged in a 1 pound bag. They are very popular in shell crafts, including windchimes, jewelry and are an excellent accent for beach wedding decor.

Haminoea zelandiae, common name the white bubble shell, is a species of medium-sized sea snails or bubble snails. The shell is ovoid, thin and translucent. It may be smooth or have spiral grooves (striae). These are sand dwellers or they live on muddy bottoms, in bays, estuaries, and close to the shore in tidepools.

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