Light Rose Tellina Shells Unpaired - 1Pound

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  • Rose Tellina Shells
  • Light Rose Tellina Shells Unpaired - 1Pound

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Tellin Shells Unpaired - Bulk Craft Shells

Tellin Shells are unpaired and come in a bulk 1 pound bag for crafting. They are a gorgeous, white, light yellow and pink in color.

Measure approximately 1-2" each.

Tellinidae is a family of marine bivalve mulluscs. They live fairly deep in soft sediments in shallow seas and respire using long siphons that reach up to the surface of the sediment. Tellinis have rounded or oval, elongated shells, much flattened. The two valves are connected by a large external ligament. The two separate siphons are exceptionally long, sometimes several times the length of the shell. These siphons have a characteristic cruciform muscle at their base.

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