Strombus Urceus - 1 Pound

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  • Strombus Urceus - 1 Pound
  • Strombus Urceus - 1 Pound
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Strombus Urceus Seashells - Little Bear Conch Shells - Craft Supplies

Strombus Urceus seashells, also known as Little Bear Conch Shells, have a variety of colors from cream to dark brown. They come packaged in a 1 pound bag for crafting and home decor. 

Strombus, common name the true conches, is a genus of sea snails with a gastropod. The genus Strombus was named by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. There were around 50 living species recognized, which vary in size from fairly small to very large. Like almost all shelled gastropods, conches have spirally constructed shells. Again, as is normally the case in many gastropods, this spiral shell growth is usually right-handed, but on very rare occasions it can be left-handed.

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