Pearl Trochus Seashells - 1 Kilo

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Pearl Trochus Seashells - 1" Craft Shells - Beach Wedding Decor

Pearlized Among Pong seashells make a lovely addition to wedding decor, shell crafts, and come easily packaged in a bulk bag.

Each shell measures approximately .75" - 1.25".

The Among Pong are one of the Top Shells, or Trochidae, characterized by a spiral, conical shell. The Trochidae family of shells includes around 180 species found throughout the world. Tops vary in size and color, but all have a pyramidal shape. They are found in tidal rock pools as well as deep ocean depths and feed on seaweed and sponges. Top shells, like many mollusks, produce a flat, thin, circular trap door or operculum, which is often translucent or black. The trap door grows at the end of the muscular foot, providing protection for the mollusk as it withdraws inside the shell. Female top snails are larger than males. The animal is a popular source of food in some areas of the world.

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